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Snowmass Absolut Temptation
(White) D.O.B 14/08/2013

Absolute Temptation is our most recent Snowmass white male selected from their group of young males chosen to work in the Snowmass breeding program. We were looking for a white male with something different that would complement the fleece style of our fine crimping progeny from Celtic Triumph, Snowmass Elite Transcendence and Snowmass Royal Kahuna and take our animals to a further level of brightness.

We were also interested in bloodlines that produced long silky fleeces with extreme lustre. Absolut Temptation’s grandsire is Snowmass Best Man, a sire well known in the US as Snowmass promoted this male as the first in their breeding program to exhibit the long bright draping staples associated with the rare alpaca style Julie Skinner labels “silkies”. She describes this fleece style as long extraordinary bright lock staples with a broader crimp but well defined and becoming more defined in subsequent shearings.

Absolute Temptation, known affectionally at home as Vodka, has fleece characterised by extreme lustre, deep crimp, soft handle, high density and excellent length. These attributes are being thrown in his cria now hitting the ground. While it is early days we seeing a number of his progeny showing the silky fleeces we are interested in exploring further.

Absolute Temptation is currently closed to outside matings but you can access his superior genes through purchase of the limited number of females mated to him that we are releasing.

  • 2014 12.6, 2.8 SD, 21.9% CV, SF 12.4 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2015 14.3, 2.9 SD, 20.2% CV, SF 13.9 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2016 15.0, 3.4 SD, 22.5% CV, SF 14.8 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2017 18, 4.2 SD, 23.2% CV SF 17.9 - midside (5th fleece, Meadow Flat)
  • 2018 22.2, 4.9 SD, 22.2% CV SF 21.8 - midside (6th fleece, Meadow Flat)

(Grid sample average from shoulder, mid-side and hip)


2018 Absolut Temptation fleece

Dual Supreme Champion - Patagonia Absolut-ly Starstruck 2021 fleece




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