Snowmass Velveteer
(Medium Fawn) D.O.B 23.6.2013

Snowmass Velveteer is a special male imported into Australia from Snowmass Alpacas – one of the finest breeders of alpacas in the US. He is a stunning medium fawn male with an impeccable pedigree and has championship winning progerny in the US and now in Australia.

Velveteer is a rare male that possesses a superfine fleece with extraordinary staple length, high levels of lustre in match stick sized micro bundles and a very high frequency deep crimp and outstanding ultrasoft handle. He possess beautiful honey coloured fleece in a a compact correct frame with heavy bone.

  • 2014 16.8, 3.9 SD, 23.4% CV, SF 16.7 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2015 15.7, 3.7 SD, 23.5% CV, SF 15.6 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2016 15.4, 3.5 SD, 23.1% CV, SF 15.2 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2017 18.9, 4.3 SD, 23% CV - midside (5th fleece, Meadow Flat)
  • 2018 18.7, 4.3 SD, 22.8% CV - midside (6th fleece, Meadow Flat)

* (Grid sample average from shoulder, mid-side and hip).

With our long term interest in fawn genetics we felt privileged to be able to purchase a fawn male of his calibre. There’s always a frustrating wait to get progeny on the ground when you import new male genetics. But we are thrilled with the Velveteer progeny we now have on the ground.

Our first few 2018 born progeny made their debut showing on a second fleece at the 2019 Colourbration with Patagonia VV Shambala ET taking out Champion Fawn female and Patagonia VV Shanghai ET a 3rd place ribbon winner (intermediate male) in the highly competitive fawn classes. The 2019 progeny drop is yielding even coloured quality animals with great lustre, length and velvet like handle.

Velveteer is currently closed to outside matings but you can access his superior genes through purchase of the limited number of females mated to him that we are releasing.


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