SRSŪ in Alpacas

We attended our first Jim Watts SRSŪ alpaca workshop way back in 1997 at Coolaroo Alpaca Stud. You really couldn't attend a Coolaroo SRSŪ workshop without at least questioning whether your breeding philosophy and selection criteria was capable of unlocking the secrets of the pre-Spanish conquest alpaca.

Since 1997, we have used some of the SRSŪ principles to guide our breeding strategy. This means that we have placed a higher priority on increasing the fleece weight via follicle density and fleece length per animal built on a strong, well balanced frame. We pay particular attention to softness and deep crimp.

Informed by a biological understanding of how wool follicles grow -:

Our breeding objectives are:

  • to breed for silky soft, deeply crimped fawn and white fleeces
  • to breed huacyas that exhibit minimal 'micron blowout' when run on improved pastures
  • to breed fleeces with both superior length and density
  • to breed animals that do not exceed 25 micron on their fifth fleece.
  • to maintain strong conformation
  • to breed for early maturity

Our selection criteria are:

  • to select for very soft, 'cashmere-like' handle
  • to select for deep crimp
  • to select for ultra-bright lustre
  • to select for sufficient nourishment
  • to select for match stick size bundles
  • to ultimately select for very high S:P follicle ratios in excess of 17:1, as yet, no alpaca breeder any where in the world has achieved this milestone
  • to select for long fibre length
  • to select for strong frames, heavy bone and deep barrel in the chest
  • to select for loose, thin skins
  • to use relevant Alpaca Breeding Values (ABV) to assist the selection process

We do not directly chase for low micron as we believe that under improved pastures, it is more important to select for higher S:P follicle ratios and highly defined deep crimp.






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SRS in Alpacas


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