Snowmass Royal Kahuna
(White) D.O.B 22.9.2012

Our first reaction when we opened Snowmass Royal Kahuna’s fleece was that it was reminiscent of Patagonia Celtic Triumph’s fleece at the same age.

We have been looking far and wide for this elusive fleece style - with matchstick bundles and bounce - and here it was. So we are carefully planning his mating schedule to maximise the influence of his rare traits.

Kahuna’s silky, extremely lustrous white fleece is fine. While exhibiting a high frequency crimp his fleece has good staple length with a deep horseshoe style crimp. He carries these qualities into his chest and extremities. This dramatic fleece style is still rare in Australia and one of the reasons we looked towards Snowmass for new genetics into our herd.

  • 2013 15.4, 3.3 SD, 22.9% CV, SF 15.2 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2014 15.0, 2.7 SD, 18.1% CV, SF 14.2 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2015 – 19, 4.2 SD, 21.8 - midside (4th Fleece, Meadow Flat)
  • 2017 – 22.1, 4.6 SD, 21.0% CV - midside (6th Fleece, Meadow Flat)
  • 2018 – 23, 4.4 SD, 19.2% CV - midside (7th Fleece, Meadow Flat)

(Grid sample averaged from shoulder, mid-side and hip)

His progeny consistently exhibit their sire’s fleece style with high frequency crimp in a deeper horseshoe style that extends from skin to the tip. We are also seeing micro bundles and fleeces are maintaining micron very well with age. For example, Patagonia KH Morning Sun tests at 18.6 micron on a third fleece.

Kahuna is producing quality progeny in both white and colour. Multiple Champion Millduck Uluru is a great example.

Kahuna is available for outside matings. We also have a select number of Kahuna daughters available for sale as well as females mated to Kahuna.


Fleece photo by Anya Walkington






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