Snowmass Elite Transcendence
(White) D.O.B 14.7.2009

Snowmass Elite Transcendence is the senior male from our two shipments of elite new American genetics from Snowmass Alpacas – arguably one of the finest breeders in the US. He is a stunning white male with an impeccable pedigree.

What is striking about Transcendence is the brightness, soft handle, deep crimp, excellent staple length and the outstanding consistency of his superfine fleece packed onto an imposing frame. The quality of his fleece in his neck and brisket is nothing short of impressive and was influential in our decision to purchase this remarkable male.

  • 2010 14.8, 2.9 SD, 19.5% CV, SF 14.2 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2011 14.1, 2.5 SD, 17.7% CV, SF 13.3 - Snowmass midside only
  • 2012 16.1, 3.3 SD, 20.1% CV, SF 15.6 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2013 17.0, 3.3 SD, 19.2% CV, SF 16.3 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2014 16.4, 2.9 SD, 17.6% CV, SF 15.5 - Snowmass grid sample*
  • 2015 21.2, 4.1 SD, 19.6% CV, SF 20.4 - midside (7th Fleece, Meadow Flat)
  • 2017 22.6, 4.3 SD, 19.2% CV, SF 21.7 - midside (9th Fleece, Meadow Flat)
  • 2018 25.7, 5 SD, 19.6% CV, SF 24.7 - midside (10th Fleece, Meadow Flat)

* (Grid sample average from shoulder, mid-side and hip)

His sire, Snowmass Elite Legend, who is also the sire of Snowmass Defiance, is described by Snowmass as the master of herdsires reflecting the outstanding fleece characteristics that he reliably passes to his progeny.

Transcendence is available for outside matings. We also have a select number of Transcendence daughters available for sale as well as females mated to Transcendence.


Snowmass Elite Transcendence 2014 fleece photo by Anya Walkington






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