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We hope to share with you our passion for alpacas and our quest to breed the ultimate elite Australian alpaca. We have been breeding Huacaya alpacas since 1996.


Ian Braithwaite and Cathi McMullen

0407 338823 (Cathi)

0418 608447 (Ian)

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We are proud to offer the foolowing selection of elite animals at the Breeders Choice ONLINE Auction - 12pm (Sydney time) 16 July 2022


Lot 63 Patagonia Absolut Caprice
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Lot 64 Patagonia KH Vika
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Snowmass Absolut Temptation


Snowmass Elite Transcendence


Snowmass Royal Kahuna


Patagonia VV Shanghai




Snowmass Velveteer


Patagonia Celtic Triumph


Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun ET


Patagonia Elite Lone Star


Lot 64 BCAA 2022


Lot 63 BCAA 2022